The Muse (charmingmuse) wrote in h_strangewayes,
The Muse

100 Minutes War - The Plan

100 Minutes War

Where: West Milford NJ

Pack a cot, blankets et cetera. We will be staying at Rachel's Grandmother's house in Teaneck which is known to be dusty. Be advised. Pack a chair.

The weather is looking to be partly cloudy and in the 50s, so not too cold. Pack pants you can wear under your garb though.

We are not on board for feast but will be bringing to feast gear "just in case".

We will be leaving after Rachel and I get out of work at 8pm.

The plan is to pick up Andreiko and Rosina at Camelot and go to Rachel's house. Mali if you want to meet us there at 9:15pm or at Camelot.

We will then go have Date Night at the Imperial Buffet and head down to NJ.

Saturday Morning we are retaining at 11am. The rest of the day is ours.

We sleep the night in Teaneck again and then head north early Sunday morning.
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