thaliagb (thaliagb) wrote in h_strangewayes,

Pennsic looms...

We're down to the wire, now, people!

I'd love to know the plan. We need to have a meal plan, a plan for what goes in whose car, directions to and from site for both cars, etc. The Pennsic book probably has some good notes in it.

My to-do garb list includes a bog dress and a chemise with fitted sleeves. Beth, should I consult you on this, or should I try it on my own?
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The Plan (tm):

Driving- the driving plan has not be solidified due to weather. Next week we will figure out if the weather will be nice we'll make it in one day on Friday, if not we'll do some driving Friday and some Saturday.

You are in my car, Mali is in Rachel's. I'll take Mali's Garmin in my car (Car 1) and a backup set of printed directions, Rachel will take her Tom Tom with a backup set of printed directions in her car (Car 2).

We will be finalizing the packing of both cars Friday morning. I will take the tent and the poles for the tent, Rachel will take the poles for the new dining fly, the shepherds hooks and all other pole-like items. The cooler will go with Rachel in Car 2. All other items will be packed as needed.

Meal Plan- we were supposed to hash this out on Monday. Then there were boys. Oops.

Bridget- Please pick up 6-8 bottles of $3 Chuck at work. I will pay you back. The Baron has decreed we are drinking Sangria this year.

Everyone- Purchase enough fruit for one breakfast's worth of cobbler. Please see Mali for amounts. Also, post fruit likes and dislikes. I am not the world's biggest fan of peach, but I'll live if you get it (and it can be mixed with something like say black raspberries)

I plan on purchasing a mixed berry variety. Strawberries, Raspberries et cetera.

Also, pick up a bag of dried fruit.

I also plan on purchasing chicken breast to grill and have pre-cooked, like last year. As well as purchasing some variety of sausage, enough for two meals.

Saturday Will be dedicated to garb at my house. I can help you make whatever.

I am making a chiton for myself and Mali. It's a bit classier than a bog dress.

Someone at work will be able to tell me which Chuck is good for sangria, but should I get some other flavors, or are all 8 bottles going for sangria?

Unfortunately, I got roped into going to NH to say wiedersehen to the German neighbor, so I won't be able to join for Saturday sewing. At this point, unless you have instructions you can send via the Intertubes or Rachel, I'm going to try to figure something out on my own when it comes to the chemise, but thanks for the chiton link.
All bottles are for sangria, any red wine, a little fruity. You can also come by Sunday.
Yeah, about Sunday...

I'm working until 4, and then I thought H. Strangewayes would like to go bowling? Maybe meet my boy? I understand there's much sewing to be done, but I've already made the plans with Jeremy, so I won't be around anyways.