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Birka Volunteering

I got in touch with Batty - she hasn't set up the schedule for volunteers yet, but she *did* get my email(s) and will put us in.

I also got emails from Baron Bil saying he needs merchant's gate help before site opens on Friday and something from Maria about help at Newcomers' Point. Updated info on volunteering & site fee is that <4 hours gets you in 1/2 price; 4+ hours lets you in for free.

On the garb front, all my sleeves are just about done & I just have to put the skirt together & finish the bodice. I decided to build up the top of the bodice into a doublet, since that's more accurate. (I've never seen a picture of hanging sleeves with a low-cut bodice.) That said, I'm really glad I did that, since otherwise I'd be wearing a dress rather similar to what HRM Alethea wore at just this past 12th Night. There are points of difference, but the main description of the dress (low-cut green velvet Elizabethan with gold trim) is just a little too similar for my comfort. :)

I'm going all-out on accoutrements - my wired coif/attifet is done and looks amazing. I'm going to be putting my hair in rats whether I dye it or not. I tried that (putting it up in rats) last night with the coif & the effect was fabulous. I have spare rats if anyone else wants to try - it's not hard. I'm also going to wear the full face makeup.

That said, can I preemptively ask someone to try and take a decent portrait shot of me all decked out on Saturday at the event?
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