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Birka Volunteering

I got in touch with Batty - she hasn't set up the schedule for volunteers yet, but she *did* get my email(s) and will put us in.

I also got emails from Baron Bil saying he needs merchant's gate help before site opens on Friday and something from Maria about help at Newcomers' Point. Updated info on volunteering & site fee is that <4 hours gets you in 1/2 price; 4+ hours lets you in for free.

On the garb front, all my sleeves are just about done & I just have to put the skirt together & finish the bodice. I decided to build up the top of the bodice into a doublet, since that's more accurate. (I've never seen a picture of hanging sleeves with a low-cut bodice.) That said, I'm really glad I did that, since otherwise I'd be wearing a dress rather similar to what HRM Alethea wore at just this past 12th Night. There are points of difference, but the main description of the dress (low-cut green velvet Elizabethan with gold trim) is just a little too similar for my comfort. :)

I'm going all-out on accoutrements - my wired coif/attifet is done and looks amazing. I'm going to be putting my hair in rats whether I dye it or not. I tried that (putting it up in rats) last night with the coif & the effect was fabulous. I have spare rats if anyone else wants to try - it's not hard. I'm also going to wear the full face makeup.

That said, can I preemptively ask someone to try and take a decent portrait shot of me all decked out on Saturday at the event?
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I can try and take a decent portrait, but I'll be mostly tied to my booth... I did manage to get a last moment merchant slot for Danelaw.

If anyone would like anything sold on commission, please let me know so I can make room for it. Ragnar sold off his leather, so there is some room now... depending on exactly how much space we end up with for table room.
I'll pass that on to Ekk. I don't know if he's got anything ready or not - as you can imagine, it's been a bit hectic around here lately. Any idea what sort of things you think would move if offered for sale?